September 2017


Have you ever been to an amusement park, enjoying the outdoors and thought, “I really wish I could bring my dog with me?” That is the first thought many dog parents have as we venture around an outdoor amusement park. For some of us, not physically being able to ride the rides means a boring day at the park. Wouldn’t it be fun to have your furry best friend at your side to keep you company? Let me introduce you to an amusement park that not only allows dogs, but welcomes them with open arms too …. Meet Knoebels!


Never heard of Knoebels? You’re not alone. Knoebels is an amusement park located in Elysburg, the deep countryside of Pennsylvania. Hence, the reason you’ve probably never heard of it. But don’t let that keep you from visiting Knoebels if you live or visit anywhere near this park. Knoebels is a large amusement park boasting over 60 different rides that range from the carousel to thrill-seeking roller coasters. There is truly a ride for everyone at this park.

Do they really allow pets?

Yes! ? Knoebels allows any well-behaved dogs on the premises. This is a family fun theme park, so if your dog doesn’t like kids, this might not be the place for them. Otherwise, your dog will love the park just as much as you do. Want to get on a ride with your dog? Knoebels allows dogs to ride on the carousel, train that goes around the entire park and the antique driving cars.

What to bring?

Planning for a day at an amusement park for your dog is much like planning a day at an amusement park for your kids. You will need to decide if you are going to eat at the park. Knoebels offers a large variety of food stands. Dogs may sit with you at any table except for the covered dining areas. If you plan on staying all day, you may want to pack your dog a lunch bag. Don’t forget to bring water and food bowls. You will also want to pack some doggie waste bags. Knoebels does offer waste station bags, however, they are scattered throughout the park and as many of you know, when your dog has to go, they have to go!

Depending on when you go, you might want to bring an extra towel for your dog. On certain days of the summer, Knoebels opens its 900,000-gallon pool up to the dogs. That’s right, you can take your dog for a swim to burn some calories or just take a refreshing dip on a hot day.

The fun goes on in the fall!

Don’t worry if you want to visit Knoebels, but missed out on the summer fun. Knoebels remain open through the end of October. Each weekend, the park is open for spooky good times. With the cooler temperatures, it makes for a great time to exercise your dog!

If you head out to Knoebels, be on the lookout for some adorable dogs! You will see them all over the park. Check out the dogs we spotted around Knoebels park below.

Featured photo via @zilkerbark

These days, more and more dog parents are opting to dine out with their dogs. A non-dog person may ask “why”, but devoted dog parents ask, “why not”?! There is no better way to spend an evening than on a patio with a cold drink, family, your dog and good food. Want to try taking your dog out for a meal out? Be sure to follow our do’s and don’ts for a successful dining experience.

Do – Call and plan ahead

Always call the restaurant ahead of time to make sure that they have a dog-friendly patio. Even though a restaurant has an outdoor patio, that does not mean they are dog-friendly. You’ll also want to check the weather for the day, most dogs do not like rain storms and there’s nothing worse than having to leave in the middle of your meal.

Don’t – Put your dog on the table

Yes, your dog is an Instagram superstar and takes the cutest photos, but restrain from sitting your dog directly on the table. Restaurants are held to a high standard of cleanliness and even though you take great care of your dog, it would be frowned upon by the Health Department. If you want to take photos of your dog with your food or drink, sit them on the chair as if they are partaking in the meal. It will make for an adorable, fun photo!

Photo: @theyukinator

Do – Bring your own water bowl

Many restaurants these days have dog bowls on-site. However, not all restaurants offer this. Be sure to bring your own bowl, just in case.

Photo: @samson.the.shihtzu

Do – Get your dog a meal

If you’re lucky, your local restaurant may have a doggie menu. No worries if it doesn’t, you can easily put together a meal for your pup. Almost all restaurants serve chicken and/or salmon that you can easily tailor to fit your dog’s needs. Simply order a piece of protein and inform your server that it’s for your dog and must be cooked plain. You can even order sides of steamed broccoli or fresh fruit as an added treat. If you have a small dog, be sure to check out the kid’s menu. You may be able to save a few dollars by ordering from the smaller portioned menu.

Photo: @ipartywithbrucewayne

Do – Know your dog!

Only you know your dog best. If you have a barker or whiner, it might be best to leave your pup at home. Other guests at the restaurant should be able to enjoy their meal as much as you do. If you have a social dog, make sure you keep him or her on a tight leash. Keep in mind not everyone is a dog person …. Sometimes, there are cat people out there too!

Photo: @dolly_pawton

Dining out with your dog should be a fun experience for both you and your dog. Always mind your manners, as you help to create the environment and set a precedence for other pet parents. We’d love to see your photos of you dining out with your dog at your favorite restaurant. Upload your photos to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag #benebone for your chance to be reposted. Happy dining!

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Featured image via @thegracechon

Just when you thought you had the hardest working office pup, @pupsonpar show up to show you what real-life working dogs are like. Who are the dogs behind @pupsonpar? They are two ladies who get up early every morning to help run and maintain a golf course that their parents work at in beautiful Pennsylvania.

We discovered pupsonpar way back when it was just Lucy, now an 8 year-old black Labrador retriever. Since then, they have adopted a rescue mix, Emily, who is now 2. What makes their bond extra special? Emily was actually a birthday gift for Lucy! How adorable is that?! According to their human Mom, Sarah, it was love at first site for these two. Despite Emily’s wicked sharp puppy teeth and feisty ways, Lucy still took Emily under her paw 😉 and showed her the ways of being a golf course pup.

Meet Lucy!

Most of us think of Labradors as being very outgoing and friendly. Lucy, is actually a bit reserved. Sarah says that Lucy is “very laid back and quiet, but is very food driven!” Food is everything for Lucy. Eating is her favorite thing to do, followed by lounging in her recliner. Yes, you read that right, Lucy has her very own recliner! When Lucy isn’t eating or relaxing, she can be found playing in her backyard with her giant tennis ball.

Meet Emily!

Emily is as feisty and sassy as they come! While Lucy is the laid back sister, Emily has a ton of energy and a lot of things on her mind and she’ll let you know it through her barking. Like many younger siblings, Emily is a toy hog and loves to claim as many toys for herself as she can. But with Emily’s puppy eyes, how could you resist not handing all your toys over to her?

What’s an average day like for these working pups?

Each morning, Lucy and Emily start their day bright and early with their Mom and Dad and head over to their golf course. Some mornings their duty includes chasing the geese off the greens, or running alongside their Mom as she mows the grass. The girls have even assisted in irrigation maintenance.

After they’ve put in some morning hours, you will often see Lucy heading for the nearest pond for a midday swim, as swimming is her favorite activity no matter what the water temperature is. Meanwhile, Emily will be hard at work looking for puddles on the pathways. If you follow pupsonpar and watch their Instagram stories, you will get to see firsthand Emily’s obsession with the golf cart splashing into puddles.

We’ve often wondered if the girls have accidentally interfered with someone’s round of golf, but according to Sarah they typically do not interfere with anyone’s game. Occasionally, “Lucy will wander over to golfers begging for crackers”. However, much like children, they will interrupt their Mom’s games whenever possible. Sarah has to keep the girls in the golf cart when she’s playing, as they will both try to steal her ball.

Don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play for these Lucy and Emily. They often get down time to play or swim and like us, they get days off too. When they aren’t busy on the golf course, you can spot them sporting some of the most creative costumes you’ve ever seen.

Can’t get enough of these beautiful ladies?
Neither can we! Be sure to give them a follow on their Instagram, twitter and Facebook pages to see more photos of both Lucy and Emily!

Introducing the Benebone Blog

Hello Benebone friends and family! Welcome to our newly launched blog, a content hub dedicated to celebrating dogs and the humans that care for them.

Our team loves interacting with the incredibly strong pet community on social media, whether it be through reading tweets, catching up on Instagram stories, or watching Facebook live streams. We hope that our new blog can be a continuation of those interactions and an extension of our social channels where we can highlight loyal Benebone fans, share tips & tricks, and help some adoptable dogs find their forever homes.

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Want to get involved? 

Awesome! There are lots of ways to participate on the Benebone blog:

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Woofs and belly rubs!

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