December 2017


Holiday stress got you down? Have you tried a hometown staycation? What’s a staycation, you may ask? A staycation is simply a weekend vacation within your hometown. It’s a way to escape your sometimes busy, hectic life without the large travel expense.

What can make a staycation even better? Your dog, of course! 😉 If you are like us here at Benebone, your dog is a member of your family and being without him or her for the weekend just wouldn’t be the same. Luckily, we are in a progressive era where many hotels are opening their doors to your four-legged bff, as well.

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Benefits of a Staycation ….

One of the great benefits of a staycation is that since you are in your own hometown, you can find some great last minute hotel deals. Without needing to book a flight, you have more flexibility, which usually equates to cheaper rates.

Another benefit usually overlooked is that you get to explore your hometown. Check out your local city tourism website to find great deals on fun experiences. Sure, you’ve been to your local baseball stadium for games, but have you ever taken a tour of the stadium? Many don’t know, but the tours are often open to the public and are usually dog-friendly! You get to see all the behind the scene spots you normally wouldn’t get to see on a gameday. Plus, there’s a lot of great photo opportunities for you and your dog.

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Depending on the city that you live in will ultimately determine how many places you can go into with your dog. However, during the winter months, there are often holiday themed village pop-ups in cities that offer indoor and outdoor activities in which your dog can take part in both.

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Another fun activity you could do with your dog is visiting a local pottery and paint store. If you’ve never been to a paint your own pottery store, why not give it a try? You can purchase a pottery piece that has already been sculpted and paint it yourself however you choose. Then, you return in a few days to pick up your finished glazed artwork.

Not only are these stores dog-friendly, but you can create a fun masterpiece featuring your dog’s pawprints.

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Where to Stay?

These days, more and more hotels are becoming dog friendly. Easiest way to check to see if a hotel near you is pet friendly is to call or check their website, however, there are a few hotel chains that are always pet friendly no matter what city you are in.

Lowes Loves Pets

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The Loews Hotels are always dog friendly and welcoming to all dogs. With each stay, your dog will be welcomed with a place mat, bowls, waste bags and treats. Loews even offers a in-room doggie room service menu! There is a pet fee of $75.00 per pet per stay (may be subject to change at different locations).

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Kimpton Hotels

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Kimpton might be one of the most welcoming dog-friendly hotels. Kimpton believes in treating your dog like family and they certainly hold up to their word. With each stay, your dog is welcomed with a dog bed, bowls, treats and a warm welcome with a handwritten card. Staff members truly loves dogs, as they will often stop you to ask your dog’s name and give some belly rubs. With Kimpton, there is never a pet fee.

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What to Bring?

So you’re ready to jump in the car and have a staycation with your dog? Great, but don’t forget the necessities. While you may be able to eat on the road in any city, it can often be tough to feed your dog depending on their diet. If you have a picky dog, be sure to bring your dog’s food and water bowls, as most hotels only provide “one size fits all” metal bowls. And, don’t forget to be a responsible dog parent and bring extra waste bags. While some hotels do provide them for their customers, not all do and it’s better to be safe than to be “that” dog parent!

If your dog eats a raw or homemade diet, be sure to call your hotel beforehand to check on the availability of a mini in-room refrigerator. While not all hotels offer them in-room, you can often rent one and have it set up, chilled and ready in your room by time you check-in.

If you’d really like to treat your dog, take them out to dinner with you. You would be surprised at how many restaurants keep their outdoor patios going throughout the winter with heaters and tent enclosures. If you do consider taking your dog out to eat with you, give our Dining Out With Your Dog post a read, so that you know what to expect and what to bring.

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If you know of a dog-friendly hotel or activity that you like to do in your city, we want to hear about it! Leave us a comment below so we can check out your suggestions next time we are in your area.

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With the holiday season upon us, we are thrilled to offer our fans a fun, new, limited-run chew toy. We collaborated with our friends at BarkBox to create a unique pretzel. Unlike human pretzels, this pretzel chew will keep your dog busy for hours on end.

Whether you’re a long-time Benebone fan or just trying to find your dog the perfect chew toy, you can rest assured knowing that Benebone will satisfy a dog’s natural desire to chew. Just as with our other chew toys, the Pretzel is also Made in the USA, using only two USA-sourced ingredients: nylon and real food-grade bacon! That’s right bacon lovers, it’s a bacon-infused pretzel! Using Benebone’s highly durable nylon allows every dog from the “small and mighty” to the “large and in charge” chewers to enjoy the Pretzel for hours of satisfying chewing.

If your dog is already a Benebone fan, first, we thank you for your support and encourage you to give the Pretzel chew toy a try. We hope your pup will enjoy the new shape and carefully designed surfaces. We love the quality and details – right down to the sprinkling of “salt” on each Pretzel. It’s is also a great way to introduce your dog to a new chew toy, especially if you need to swap out any older Benebones that should be replaced.

The Bark x Benebone Pretzel can be purchased exclusively at BarkShop and is available in both small and large sizes. The small size is recommended for dogs under 40 lbs. and the large size is recommended for dogs under 60 lbs. As always, select the largest size your dog can handle.

Photo Credit: BarkShop

The pretzel shape allows your dog to easily hold one side while chewing on the other. And, much like the Benebone dental chew, the handles of the Pretzel allow for a fun game to tug-o-war with your dog.

We would love to see your dog with his or her bacon-flavored Benebone Pretzel. Be sure to tag us using #benebone Instagram: @mybenebone, Facebook: /mybenebone, or Twitter: @benebone. We will repost our favorites!

With the winter season upon us, many of us start making dietary changes. Soup often sounds appealing on a cold day. But what about your dog? Have you thought about making your dog a warm bowl of goodness? While a traditional soup may not be on the menu for your dog, have you considered making your dog some bone broth?

The Benefits of Bone Broth

There are so many health benefits that bone broth offers for your dog. Below are just a few:

  • Helps dogs joints
  • Can detox the liver
  • Maintains and helps a dog have a healthy gut

Gut health is often overlooked, but can be the root of many food sensitivities and allergies. If you have an already healthy dog, bone broth can act as a powerful supplement to enrich your dog’s overall well-being.

Today, there are more and more companies beginning to produce bone broths in powder and liquid forms for your dog. While this is the more convenient way to go, making your own bone broth allows you to have complete control over the ingredients and cooking time, as the key to a good bone broth is a long cooking time. Ideally, you should let your bone broth cook in a slowcooker for 24 hours.

Ready to Cook? Let’s get Started!

Bone broth is cooked much like a stock you may have made before. Once you put the ingredients in the slowcooker, you set it on low and forget it.

The wonderful thing about bone broth is you can add as much or as little as you would like. There are 3 main staple ingredients that are needed, but otherwise you are free add in other ingredients as you wish.

To get started, you will need: water, raw cider vinegar and bones! Personally, I use bone marrow bones. You may have to do a little digging, but they are surprisingly sold at many grocery stores and organic shops. Another good bone to include is chicken feet, as they are good bones with a lot of joints.

Put your bones into the slowcooker and fill with water until the bones are completely underwater.

Next, you’ll want to add your raw cider vinegar. Why vinegar? Vinegar will draw the gelatin out of all the bones you put in. For a large slowcooker, add between 3 – 4 tablespoons. If you do not want to add any extra ingredients, just set it on low and let it cook for 24 hours.

If you’re like me and always looking for ways to improve your dog’s health, try adding these healthy ingredients in for an extra supplement boost.

  • Turmeric – serves as an anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger – another anti-inflammatory and also has been linked to fighting off cancer
  • Kelp – promotes a balanced thyroid and glandular system
  • Rosemary – serves as an antioxidant and digestion supporter
  • Medicinal mushrooms – easiest one to find and use is Shiitake; promotes a healthy immune system

Once your bone brother has reached 24 hours of cooking, you can turn off your slowcooker. Carefully, strain your broth to remove any bones and anything else you may have added. Now, let your bone broth sit and cool. After your bone broth has cooled, you can skim off the excess fat. If your bone broth is of a jelly texture, you’ve made an excellent batch and can give yourself a paw five! 😉

Your bone broth can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 4 days. If you made a large batch and you have a small dog, you can separate your bone broth into smaller portions and freeze it until you are ready to use it.

So, when you pull out that slowcooker to make yourself some homemade chili or soup this winter, don’t forget to make a batch of bone broth for your dog! Let us know what ingredients you add to your bone broth in the comments down below. Happy cooking!

When Anna and her husband heard about a irresponsible backyard breeder nearby, neither one of them flinched at the thought of rescuing a 10 month old frail, malnourished dog with sores across his entire body. While they weren’t sure if they were going to keep him, they both knew that they weren’t leaving the premises without him.

This was the beginning of a fairytale for a lovable pitbull, now named Diesel. Diesel is 4 ½ years old and thriving in his forever home in Gainesville, Virginia. Not only was Diesel neglected, but he was housed in a wire crate 24/7 prior to his rescue. Today, Diesel roams the house like a king and despite having 4 dog beds AND a baby mattress, Diesel sleeps in the comfort of his parents bed every night.

According to his Mom, Anna: despite all the pain and suffering that Diesel went through, he has “never shown any hatred towards mankind.” In fact, Diesel is such a lovable pup that there isn’t a dog who he doesn’t love or want to play with. While Diesel has a tendency to gravitate towards Boxers, Anna says that Diesel also likes to play with (and herd) small dogs. And while Diesel has only met 1 cat so far, he seemed to enjoy the experience, although, the cat not so much.

A typical day for Diesel consists of sleeping the day away, living the good life! 😉 But, as soon as Daddy comes home, Diesel will follow him around the house until he sits down on the couch. Once Dad sits, Diesel knows it’s playtime! Diesel will pull out every toy and drag them over to Dad to play with. On the weekends, as a family they love to go outdoors on a hike or swim, when the weather permits.

Another lovable quality of both Diesel and Anna is their extreme humbleness. When asked if Diesel could perform any tricks, Anna replied “not too many”. However, we beg to differ. In addition to knowing all of his basic commands such as sit and stay, Diesel can also shake, high five and roll over. And, one of the most impressive tricks we’ve ever seen is his ability to balance an egg on a spoon in his mouth!

Diesel takes modeling and posing to a whole new level. Due to his large stature, weighing in around 73 -76 pounds, Diesel can often look intimidating in photos.

However, don’t let this fierce face intimidate you. At heart, Diesel is a lovable goof, who is always making his parents laugh. When asked to shake, Diesel will flash you his infamous smile. And, at night, Diesel will climb into his parents’ bed, nestle under the covers and pull Dad’s side of the comforter around him until he is wrapped like a doggie burrito!

Another fun way to get Diesel excited is to ask if he “wants to go to Popeyes”. Even though Diesel doesn’t eat any himself, he will “buck around the house like a bucking bronco” ready to go out for the car ride.

All this cute and amusing entertainment doesn’t go unnoticed. Not only does Diesel get yearly birthday presents, but he always gets Christmas presents as well. Diesel often gets more gifts than the humans in the house. Each year, Santa brings Diesel clothes, toys, and Benebones. And yes, Diesel does open his presents himself!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Diesel and his rescue story as much as we loved sharing it. Be sure to give this lovable pittie a follow on his Instagram account @love.a.bull_diesel.

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