February 2018


A few months ago, we launched our most interactive product to date, the Pawplexer. In case you missed it and aren’t exactly sure what the Pawplexer is, you can check out our introduction post here.

Peanut Pawplexer

While you can let your dog have the Pawplexer as is, the Pawplexer allows dog parents the ability to add an extra layer of fun by inserting a chew, bully stick or treat of their choice into the center of the Pawplexer.

We have loved seeing the creative ideas fellow dog parents have had and put together this roundup of photos to help inspire and showcase fun ways you can use the Pawplexer too. We would love to share the ways that your dog enjoys their Pawplexer. Post your Pawplexer pictures and tag our Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook accounts with the #Pawplexer hashtag.

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February is not only the month of love, but also the month of dental awareness for pets. Officially titled, National Pet Dental Health Month, February is used by Veterinarians worldwide to remind pet parents the importance of proper dental care. Why is proper dental care for dogs so important? Did you know that dogs have 42 permanent teeth, while the average human has 32? That’s a lot of teeth to care for and maintain. And, much like humans, if proper dental care is not performed, your dog can suffer from plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to painful periodontal disease. Not to mention, proper dental care will help with your dog’s daily breath.

There are many ways you, as a pet parent, can keep your dog’s gums and teeth clean and healthy. Your dog’s personality will ultimately determine which prevention method is best for you, but whichever method you can achieve with your dog, will be beneficial in his overall health and happiness.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth!

Photo Credit: @justdogsindia

The earlier you start brushing your dog’s teeth, the easier it will be. Ultimately, you will want to brush your dog’s teeth daily, but you may have to work up to this in order for your dog to feel comfortable. An easy way to get your dog used to brushing his teeth is by putting some toothpaste on your finger and “brushing” your dog’s teeth and gums with your finger for a minute or two a few days a week. Be sure that you use a toothpaste designated for dogs and not humans, as human toothpaste can be toxic for dogs. Often, your Veterinarian will have safe, dog-friendly toothpaste options for you to sample.

Photo Credit: @scoutgoldenretriever

Once your dog starts to become comfortable with your finger brushing, you can begin using an actual toothbrush. Pro Tip: Unlike human toothpaste, you can use a human toothbrush. This can often save you a few dollars, as there is always a higher markup on pet supplies. And, since human mouths come in all sizes, there are many toothbrush sizes available for any small to large breed-sized dogs. After you have finished brushing your dog’s teeth, allow him to lick the toothbrush as a “reward”. This is also an easy way to clean his tongue.

Photo Credit: @dickinsonanimalhospitalpwc

The key to successfully brushing your dog’s teeth is consistency! Your dog may not take to the new experience at first, but if you stay consistent, your dog will eventually view it as a treat time. Consistency with teeth brushing is not just in the daily form, but in all forms. Regardless if you brush your dog’s teeth at night or in the morning, keep the same routine and time frame daily. You should also brush your dog’s in the same place in your house (or outside) and use the same command words to help your dogs adjust to the experience. Consistency is the ultimate “tip” in brushing your dog’s teeth.

Oral Care Treats or Dog Chews

Treats made with oral care in mind and/or dental chews are a great way to keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. As with any toy, bone or chew, adult supervision is always recommended. When your dog chews on treats or chews, he is not only satisfying his natural desire to chew, but is also cleaning his teeth as the oral care treat or chew rubs against the gums and teeth just enough to help clean any lingering tatar.

Photo Credit: @happycookie0722

You can often get dog treats that include mint as an ingredient to help combat the bad breath issue. *hint, hint* Benebone offers a dental chew that is designed specifically to help with dental care and has a mint flavor coming soon.


Photo Credit: @thecolliebrothers

Dental Cleaning Procedures

If any of the above suggestions do not work for your dog or your circumstances, professional dental cleaning procedures are always a viable option. This is a standard procedure performed by your regular Veterinarian. Starting oral at the earliest age possible will help you avoid the expense of this procedure and added trip to the Vet for your dog.

Photo Credit: @chino.the.pinchi

Whichever method you decide to use with our own dog, give yourself a pat on the back for being a proactive pet parent and addressing a serious concern that affects more than 70% of dogs and cats over the age of 4 years old. What do you do to maintain your dog’s dental health? Let us know if you have any other tips we should be aware of by tagging your dental photos to our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Photo Credit: @petvalu_portunion

*Featured photo credit: @leebassnunndds


In honor of February being National Pet Dental Health month, we thought we would reintroduce one of fan favorite products, the Dental Chew. Our dental chews are made with your pet’s teeth, gum and overall dental health in mind. Even with all these added benefits, our dental chews are still made and manufactured in the United States and made with the same high quality ingredients that you may be familiar with in our traditional wishbone shaped Benebone.

Photo Credit: @ryman.the.frenchie

We keep it simple with only 2 ingredients: strong, durable nylon and food-grade bacon, peanut butter or chicken. We are happy to announce that we will soon be introducing a new mint flavor dental chew within the next few months, which will certainly help combat any bad breath issues your dog may have. Our flavors are infused throughout the dental chew so that your dog keeps coming back for more. Each dental chew is made with deep ridges on each end to not only satisfy your dog’s natural desire to chew, but also helps maintain healthy teeth and gums as he chews.

Photo Credit: @lilahjosephine

And to help your dog hold his dental chew while he chews, our dental chew is made with a slightly curved design so that your dog can easily hold the dental chew while chewing. Because, nothing is more frustrating for a dog then trying to chew on a toy that constantly falls over.

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Photo Credit: @lil_matt_damon

Another benefit to our unique shape is that you can play tug-o-war with your dog and his dental chew. This not only makes for fun times with your dog but helps to strengthen his teeth and jaws as well.

Photo Credit: @strutterbutter

Not sure which size is suited best for your dog? Don’t worry, we’ve created this easy grid to help you determine which dental chew is best for your dog. It’s pretty simple: our small dental chew is intended for dogs under 30 pounds, our medium dental chew is intended for dogs under 60 pounds and making its debut in a local pet retail store near you soon is our large dental chew for dogs under 90 pounds . As with any dog chew, we always recommend adult supervision while your dog chews.

All of our dental chews can be purchased from your local pet retail store. Has your dog tried our dental chew yet? If so, we would love to see your photos. Tag us on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter photos and use our #benebone hashtag. Be sure to keep an eye out to see if we repost your photo!

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Valentine’s Day is no longer just for romantic partners. Each year, more and more Valentine’s Day activities are being offered for dogs and their humans. From singles party meetups to best friend vow ceremonies and everything in between, dogs are becoming the forefront for many Valentine’s Day plans.

In celebration of this love-filled holiday – where your dog may receive more Valentine’s Day cards than you, we put together this easy DIY Valentine’s Day card box. You can use this DIY box to store all the cards your dog received.

Items Needed:

  • Card box (optional slit at top to easily slide exchanged cards in)
  • Paint (optional – if you want to change the color of your box)
  • Small bottle of Mod Podge and brush

  • Various Valentine’s Day stickers and/or numbers stickers

  • Photos of your dog


  1. Paint your box your desired color. Many of these boxes from the craft store come in white, red or pink in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.
  2. Arrange your photos and/or stickers where you would like them placed on the box. Once decided, stick your stickers onto the box and Mod Podge over the stickers for extra security.
  3. Mod Podge (glue) each photo onto the box. Paint the back of the photo and place it onto the box.
    Once on the box, paint the front of the photo. Depending on what Mod Podge you have, it may appear white over your photo, but it will dry clear.
  4. Place your box in an area that your dog (or kids) cannot reach and allow 24 hours to dry.

Now you’ve got not only a fun, personalized Valentine’s Day box to take to a party, but an easy way to store any Valentine’s Day cards that you may want to archive, without having them scattered throughout the house.

Photos: @lizzie.bear and @fen_the_aussie

We’d love to see your Valentine’s Day card exchange boxes or any variations you create. Tag your photos using #Benebone to our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Usually when a family goes house hunting for a new home, they consider many things, but how often is your dog’s comfort and happiness at the top of the list for new home requirements? This was exactly the case for D’Ann and her husband, Brian, when they recently purchased their new home. Having 2 beautiful large breed yellow Labrador Retrievers, D’Ann was adamant that their new home not only have plenty of backyard space, but also a indoor layout open enough to allow her dogs to romp and play both indoors and outdoors.

When D’Ann, mother to Rocksy and Rexford of @2rockstarlabs, lost her beloved Labrador, Boulder, a few years ago, she had a void in her heart. It had been 9 long months since Boulder’s passing before Rocksy came into her and Brian’s life. Rocksy was not planned, but like a Christmas miracle, fell into her arms 6 days before Christmas, 2013. While, Rocksy’s name is quite unique, once you learn the meaning of it, you can’t help but love it! Being that Rocksy helped to heal D’Ann’s heart, she was like her little “rock” and to keep in line with Boulder’s legacy, Rocksy’s name was born.

A few years later, Rocksy would welcome home a baby brother, Rexford. Rocksy’s little brother is both her brother figuratively and literally, as he is a full sibling to Rocksy. After seeing many photos of the newest litter posted online by Rocksy’s breeder, which included 7 males, D’Ann saw one little puppy that particularly stood out to her for his playful ways. Just for fun, D’Ann began to think of names that she would name the puppy. Then, one evening, they decided to contact the breeder to see if the playful puppy was still available. And, as luck would have it, they were on their way the next day to pick up the puppy they decided to name Rexford. Just as Rocksy’s name has a special meaning, Rexford’s name was to keep in line with an “R” name and after the mountainous city of Rexford, MT.

Transition periods for each dog can be different and Rocksy’s was no exception when Rexford came home. Rocksy has an incredible sense of smell, which actually played a role in their transition period, as it was Rexford’s smell that Rocksy wasn’t a fan of. After a few days and a bath for Rexford, Rocksy took to her new little brother quite well.

Rocksy learned to adjust to her new “toy” that had razor sharp puppy teeth with endless energy. Today, they are the best of friends and the cutest snuggle buddies.

Knowing that Rocksy and Rexford a true blood siblings, you can see how they get their almost identical good looks, but what about their personalities? Well, Rocksy is described by her Mom as laid back, enjoys her personal space and loves meeting new people. Rexford on the other hand is more “whimsical, timid and clingy.” Rexford’s personality traits have earned him the nickname of Peter Pan, as D’Ann and Brian say that he’s never outgrown his puppy personality. However, don’t let Rocksy’s calm personality fool you. When it comes to playtime, Rocksy’s inner puppy comes out and she always gives little brother, Rexford, a run for his money.

If you’ve ever had a Labrador or known anyone that has, you know that these are high energy dogs, which is exactly why D’Ann demanded a large fenced in backyard when her family moved. Each morning, Rocksy and Rexford start their day with a morning romp and play session outside.

This playtime also includes a wildlife check throughout the backyard, as deer are often spotted and chased by both Rocksy and Rexford. Once finished their patrol of the backyard, both dogs will come inside for their daily breakfast and then head out the door to take their human sister to school. Next, D’Ann and the dogs take a stroll to their local park where there are often geese waiting to greet them. While at the park, they play fetch and practice Rexford’s leash walking manners, as Rocksy embraces her big sister role and shows Rexford how it’s done.

Once they return home, while Rocksy and Rexford rest up and/or chew on some toys, D’Ann will check in with their Instagram friends. Afterwards, D’Ann takes each dog for a afternoon walk separately, so that each one gets some alone time with Mom. And, rest assured both Rocksy and Rexford know exactly when it’s time for dinner, you can’t slip dinner past these smarties. After dinner is finished, they will go on a final evening walk together over to a nearby duck pond. Sometimes, their fellow doggie friends will be there and they will all play together, but regardless, a game of fetch is always a must before bed time.

Being that both Rocksy and Rexford like to be outside so much, they are are bound to run into some interesting outdoor creatures. While deer are their favorite wildlife to chase, both dogs like to chase and scare off the birds in their backyard. Back in 2017, Rexford actually saw his first snake! Despite this puppy’s playful ways, even Rexford stopped, froze and stared at the snake. We are happy to report that Rexford is okay and no snakes have been seen since then.

Unlike most dogs, these two fun loving labs love water! In fact, D’Ann often thinks that they get dirty on purpose only to be able to come in and take a bath. If they had their way, Rocksy and Rexford would be in water everyday!

If you’re not already following these two fun loving labs, be sure to head over to their Instagram page and give them a follow. You’ll love watching their daily adventures and playtime. Be sure to keep an eye out for their birthday celebrations, as they always go all out with themed decorations, gifts and more!

Would you like to be our next Fan Feature or have an account that you would like to nominate? Let us know in the comments below or tag your dog’s photos to our Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and keep an eye out to see if you are our next feature!

Each year on Valentine’s Day, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives try to out romance one another in the hopes of being crowned the most adorable sweetheart. Sure, you can get flowers, jewelry, chocolates or even a new handbag, but even with all the money in the world, you can’t compete with a cute dog!

With just the flash of some puppy eyes and maybe a cute whimper or two, dogs on Valentine’s Day will surely win over everybody’s heart! Here are 10 dogs that are winning at life on Valentine’s Day (in no particular order) …..

  1. @sebastianlovesluna

These just might be America’s sweethearts! Luna, a Pomeranian, and Sebastian, a Frenchie, are young and in love in the capital of Washington, D.C. Like any relationship, Sebastian and Luna have had their ups and downs over the years. If you follow them, which you should, you might have seen their video breakup and makeup series. We are happy to report that their love has withstood the test of time and they are currently engaged! Be sure to keep an eye out for Sebastian and Luna’s wedding later this spring.

Photo Credit: @sebastainlovesluna
  1. @thepompompack

These fluffy Pomeranians are a pack of 4 hailing from warm and sunny Florida. Anyone that has multiple dogs knows how hard it is to get all the dogs to sit still and look at the camera. Not only do these adorable Pomeranians nail that, but they do it in style and themed out to the max! Not only are these Poms stealing your heart, but they’re giving all the ladies blow out hair envy as well!

Photo Credit: @thepompompack
  1. @rambothepuppy

Rambo is a maltese/yorkie mix living the good life with over 300,000 Facebook friends! You will often spot Rambo enjoying a relaxing mimosa and bacon brunch on the weekends and Nexflixing with a hoodie of popcorn on the weeknights. If this stud doesn’t steal your heart with his charm and good looks, we don’t know what will!

Photo Credit: @rambothepuppy
  1. @tuckers_tails

Tucker is a Morkie from Ontario, Canada, who not only wins over ladies hearts with his good looks and incredible baking skills, but he also has a heart of gold. Tucker is a registered therapy dog who works with young children. Tucker visits his local libraries where he sits with children who pick out books that they think Tucker will like and read them aloud to him. With such patience, kindness and love, we are sure Tucker has a line of ladies wanting to date him!

Photo Credit: @tuckers_tails
  1. @itsmisterbarclay

It’s been said that there’s nothing more handsome on a man than a smile. We are convinced that this saying might have been inspired by the joyous and infectious smile of Mr. Barclay! This futball loving rescue and his Mom often spend their weekends volunteering at the local shelter Mr. Barclay was rescued from. Mr. Barclay is proof that you don’t need materialistic items to win over a person’s heart…. All you need is love and a fabulous smile!

Photo Credit: @itsmisterbarclay
  1. @thatgoldendoodle

Murphy is for all you single folks out there that don’t need a significant other to have a good time on Valentine’s Day. Murphy is a female Goldendoodle living in Sin City, Las Vegas who believes “every hour should be happy hour”. Murphy’s good looks are matched equally by her sense of humor!

Photo Credit: @thatgoldendoodle
  1. @izzytherescuepuppy

Izzy is a proud rescue pup from Arlington, VA that loves to chase squirrels, balls and sticks. Izzy can often be seen attending dog events and fundraisers in Washington, D.C. Not only is Izzy beautiful, but she’s a smart pup as well! Both Izzy and her Mom are graduates: Izzy from obedience school and Mom from Yale School of Management! If you’re looking for a date with Izzy, you better bring your “A” game!

Photo Credit: @izzytherescuepuppy & Pooch Portrait Studio
  1. @jojothebernedoodle

Josie aka Jojo is a 1 ½ year old girl from Michigan who is single and ready to mingle! If you think you have what it takes to keep up with this energetic, fun loving girl, you must first get past her Mom, as Jojo is a self-proclaimed Momma’s girl!

Photo Credit: @jojothebernedoodle
  1. @chocolatebarpaws

Besides having one of the most clever Instagram handles, their names are just as fun: Hershey, Oh Henry and Reese Pieces range in ages 1 through 9 and are loving the snowy weather in their hometown of Ontario, Canada. We are sad to report that most of the pack have Valentine’s Day dates, however, sweet Reese Pieces is still looking for love!

Photo Credit: @chocolatebarpaws
  1. @tails.of.teddy

Teddy is a 1 ½ year-old Maltipoo from Toronto, Canada who not only uses his good looks to pick up ladies, but his smooth pick up lines as well! Don’t leave your loved one alone with Teddy, as you might be the one going home alone! 😉

Photo Credit: @tails.of.teddy

Depending on where you live, you may be getting more snow than you ever wished for. Whether you’re snowed in and bored of watching Netflix shows, kids are driving you crazy or you work from home and there’s no such thing as a “snow day”, we’ve gathered up some of the cutest snow day photos and videos we’ve seen on social media for your enjoyment.

Scroll through the photos below and let us know if you see your dog. Don’t see your dog? Be sure to tag your photos to our Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and we may just share yours next!

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Even with the cold winter months, most dogs can still go outside on walks thanks to their “fur coat”, however, one aspect pet parents must be mindful of on behalf of your dog is paw protection. While many dogs will willingly walk through the snow and ice, they also need your help to keep your their paws safe during the cold winter months.

Photo Credit: @ivysheltie

Paw protection can be often overlooked, however, with mother nature being more unpredictable than ever, there are new, harsh products being used on the sidewalks and streets without concern for the pet’s walking on them. Technically, there are a few companies that have began producing “paw friendly” salt for ice, however, how do you know which salt your neighbor or your town/city government is using?

One of the most dangerous ways that salt can harm your dog is through ingestion. While your dog may not actually be licking the salt off the sidewalk, many dogs lick their paws and ultimately, are ingesting the harsh chemicals they just walked on. Even if your dog does not lick his/her paws, salt pellets can become embedded in your dog’s paws, especially the paw’s webbing. This is turn can actually heat your dog’s paws up to around 170 degrees! While it does seem ironic that your dog’s paws can actually burn in the winter months, this happens all to often.

Ways to Protect Your Dog’s Paws!!


Yes, you read that right, boots! Boots are becoming more popular than ever among pet parents. Although many brands offer boots in a variety of colors and/or accessories for your dog’s boots, they are much more than a fashion statement. Boots are the best way to keep your dog’s paws safe from touching the ground, as they act as a protective layer between your dog’s paws and any chemicals on the ground.

Below, is our Guest Blog Contributor, Ryan with his dog Fen. This adventuring duo is preparing to head outside in the snowy streets of Buffalo. Watch as Ryan slips on Fen’s winter boots with ease. The more you practice paw protection with your dog, the easier the process of getting ready to go outside will be. Soon, you’ll be a pro just like Ryan and Fen! (To read more about Ryan and Fen’s adventures, check out their Fan Feature post.)

Photo Credit: @fen_the_aussie

It may take your dog a few times to adjust and learn how to properly walk in their boots, as shown below. Should your dog do the “first time in boots walk”, do not be alarmed. Remember, boots are not natural for dogs and can take some getting used to.

(video credit: @ted_gram)

  • Be sure to give your dog lots of praise and reassure him that he is a “good boy.”
  • Before putting your dog’s boots on, allow him to sniff and become familiar with the boots.
  • Consider putting your dog’s boots on in your home where he is most comfortable and allow him to walk inside before going out on your walk. Avoid putting them on outside, especially if it is slippery, as it may be difficult for your dog to walk correctly in the boots the first couple of times.
Photo Credit: @dolly_pawton
Photo Caption: @fen_the_aussie

Once you have put your dog’s boots on a few times, most dog’s will get used to them and may even welcome them, as they will quickly pick up that boots equal a walk outside! Once inside from your walk, you may want to give your dog’s paws a wipe down with a warm cloth or quick washing for even more protection. While most boots are very durable, depending on your dog’s walking style and uses, they can wear down over time.

Photo Credit:

Paw Protectant Wax!

So you tried the boots route and it was an absolute no go for your dog? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Boots just aren’t for some dogs and the last thing you want to do is overstress your dog. Another option for paw protection is a paw protectant wax. There are many natural wax products available for your dog. Simply rub the wax generously onto your dog’s paw before heading outside. As an extra precaution, use your fingers to rub some extra wax in between your dog’s toes and below or around any excess fur on the bottom of your dog’s paws. Paw protectant wax dries pretty quickly, but you should still put it on a few minutes before you plan on heading outside.

Photo Credit: Pinterest Good Dogs & Co.

Once you’ve completed your walk and come back inside, it is highly suggested to give your dog’s paws a mini soaking and bath session to remove any salt or chemicals that may have attached to the outside layer of the wax. As we always say, better safe than sorry!

Photo Credit: @rejuvenation

While many dogs may not enjoy bath time, after a few trips, you may convince your dog that paw soaking isn’t nearly as bad. Make sure that the water is warm, but not too hot and while you are washing your dog’s paws, try giving him a paw massage. Many dogs welcome this after a long walk.

Paw Moisturizer!

A paw moisturizer is not the same thing as a paw protectant wax and should not be treated as such. While a paw moisturizer is good for after baths or paw soakings to help alleviate dry and/or cracked pads, it will not protect your dog’s paws in the same way that a wax will. A paw moisturizer is meant to be soaked up by and into the dog’s pads, while a paw protectant wax will remain on the outside of a dog’s pad to act as a protective layer.

Photo Credit: mydoglikes

You know your dog best and know what he will or will not tolerate. With the concern of paw safety growing, there are more and more options becoming readily available for pet parents to choose from. We want your dogs to be safe and happy this winter season. We’d love to hear how your protect your dog’s paws. Leave a comment below or visit our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages to show us your paw protectant photos!

Feature Photo: Atlantic Veterinary Hospital