Usually when a family goes house hunting for a new home, they consider many things, but how often is your dog’s comfort and happiness at the top of the list for new home requirements? This was exactly the case for D’Ann and her husband, Brian, when they recently purchased their new home. Having 2 beautiful large breed yellow Labrador Retrievers, D’Ann was adamant that their new home not only have plenty of backyard space, but also a indoor layout open enough to allow her dogs to romp and play both indoors and outdoors.

When D’Ann, mother to Rocksy and Rexford of @2rockstarlabs, lost her beloved Labrador, Boulder, a few years ago, she had a void in her heart. It had been 9 long months since Boulder’s passing before Rocksy came into her and Brian’s life. Rocksy was not planned, but like a Christmas miracle, fell into her arms 6 days before Christmas, 2013. While, Rocksy’s name is quite unique, once you learn the meaning of it, you can’t help but love it! Being that Rocksy helped to heal D’Ann’s heart, she was like her little “rock” and to keep in line with Boulder’s legacy, Rocksy’s name was born.

A few years later, Rocksy would welcome home a baby brother, Rexford. Rocksy’s little brother is both her brother figuratively and literally, as he is a full sibling to Rocksy. After seeing many photos of the newest litter posted online by Rocksy’s breeder, which included 7 males, D’Ann saw one little puppy that particularly stood out to her for his playful ways. Just for fun, D’Ann began to think of names that she would name the puppy. Then, one evening, they decided to contact the breeder to see if the playful puppy was still available. And, as luck would have it, they were on their way the next day to pick up the puppy they decided to name Rexford. Just as Rocksy’s name has a special meaning, Rexford’s name was to keep in line with an “R” name and after the mountainous city of Rexford, MT.

Transition periods for each dog can be different and Rocksy’s was no exception when Rexford came home. Rocksy has an incredible sense of smell, which actually played a role in their transition period, as it was Rexford’s smell that Rocksy wasn’t a fan of. After a few days and a bath for Rexford, Rocksy took to her new little brother quite well.

Rocksy learned to adjust to her new “toy” that had razor sharp puppy teeth with endless energy. Today, they are the best of friends and the cutest snuggle buddies.

Knowing that Rocksy and Rexford a true blood siblings, you can see how they get their almost identical good looks, but what about their personalities? Well, Rocksy is described by her Mom as laid back, enjoys her personal space and loves meeting new people. Rexford on the other hand is more “whimsical, timid and clingy.” Rexford’s personality traits have earned him the nickname of Peter Pan, as D’Ann and Brian say that he’s never outgrown his puppy personality. However, don’t let Rocksy’s calm personality fool you. When it comes to playtime, Rocksy’s inner puppy comes out and she always gives little brother, Rexford, a run for his money.

If you’ve ever had a Labrador or known anyone that has, you know that these are high energy dogs, which is exactly why D’Ann demanded a large fenced in backyard when her family moved. Each morning, Rocksy and Rexford start their day with a morning romp and play session outside.

This playtime also includes a wildlife check throughout the backyard, as deer are often spotted and chased by both Rocksy and Rexford. Once finished their patrol of the backyard, both dogs will come inside for their daily breakfast and then head out the door to take their human sister to school. Next, D’Ann and the dogs take a stroll to their local park where there are often geese waiting to greet them. While at the park, they play fetch and practice Rexford’s leash walking manners, as Rocksy embraces her big sister role and shows Rexford how it’s done.

Once they return home, while Rocksy and Rexford rest up and/or chew on some toys, D’Ann will check in with their Instagram friends. Afterwards, D’Ann takes each dog for a afternoon walk separately, so that each one gets some alone time with Mom. And, rest assured both Rocksy and Rexford know exactly when it’s time for dinner, you can’t slip dinner past these smarties. After dinner is finished, they will go on a final evening walk together over to a nearby duck pond. Sometimes, their fellow doggie friends will be there and they will all play together, but regardless, a game of fetch is always a must before bed time.

Being that both Rocksy and Rexford like to be outside so much, they are are bound to run into some interesting outdoor creatures. While deer are their favorite wildlife to chase, both dogs like to chase and scare off the birds in their backyard. Back in 2017, Rexford actually saw his first snake! Despite this puppy’s playful ways, even Rexford stopped, froze and stared at the snake. We are happy to report that Rexford is okay and no snakes have been seen since then.

Unlike most dogs, these two fun loving labs love water! In fact, D’Ann often thinks that they get dirty on purpose only to be able to come in and take a bath. If they had their way, Rocksy and Rexford would be in water everyday!

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