When Anna and her husband heard about a irresponsible backyard breeder nearby, neither one of them flinched at the thought of rescuing a 10 month old frail, malnourished dog with sores across his entire body. While they weren’t sure if they were going to keep him, they both knew that they weren’t leaving the premises without him.

This was the beginning of a fairytale for a lovable pitbull, now named Diesel. Diesel is 4 ½ years old and thriving in his forever home in Gainesville, Virginia. Not only was Diesel neglected, but he was housed in a wire crate 24/7 prior to his rescue. Today, Diesel roams the house like a king and despite having 4 dog beds AND a baby mattress, Diesel sleeps in the comfort of his parents bed every night.

According to his Mom, Anna: despite all the pain and suffering that Diesel went through, he has “never shown any hatred towards mankind.” In fact, Diesel is such a lovable pup that there isn’t a dog who he doesn’t love or want to play with. While Diesel has a tendency to gravitate towards Boxers, Anna says that Diesel also likes to play with (and herd) small dogs. And while Diesel has only met 1 cat so far, he seemed to enjoy the experience, although, the cat not so much.

A typical day for Diesel consists of sleeping the day away, living the good life! 😉 But, as soon as Daddy comes home, Diesel will follow him around the house until he sits down on the couch. Once Dad sits, Diesel knows it’s playtime! Diesel will pull out every toy and drag them over to Dad to play with. On the weekends, as a family they love to go outdoors on a hike or swim, when the weather permits.

Another lovable quality of both Diesel and Anna is their extreme humbleness. When asked if Diesel could perform any tricks, Anna replied “not too many”. However, we beg to differ. In addition to knowing all of his basic commands such as sit and stay, Diesel can also shake, high five and roll over. And, one of the most impressive tricks we’ve ever seen is his ability to balance an egg on a spoon in his mouth!

Diesel takes modeling and posing to a whole new level. Due to his large stature, weighing in around 73 -76 pounds, Diesel can often look intimidating in photos.

However, don’t let this fierce face intimidate you. At heart, Diesel is a lovable goof, who is always making his parents laugh. When asked to shake, Diesel will flash you his infamous smile. And, at night, Diesel will climb into his parents’ bed, nestle under the covers and pull Dad’s side of the comforter around him until he is wrapped like a doggie burrito!

Another fun way to get Diesel excited is to ask if he “wants to go to Popeyes”. Even though Diesel doesn’t eat any himself, he will “buck around the house like a bucking bronco” ready to go out for the car ride.

All this cute and amusing entertainment doesn’t go unnoticed. Not only does Diesel get yearly birthday presents, but he always gets Christmas presents as well. Diesel often gets more gifts than the humans in the house. Each year, Santa brings Diesel clothes, toys, and Benebones. And yes, Diesel does open his presents himself!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Diesel and his rescue story as much as we loved sharing it. Be sure to give this lovable pittie a follow on his Instagram account @love.a.bull_diesel.

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All photos: @love.a.bull_diesel

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