Just when you thought you had the hardest working office pup, @pupsonpar show up to show you what real-life working dogs are like. Who are the dogs behind @pupsonpar? They are two ladies who get up early every morning to help run and maintain a golf course that their parents work at in beautiful Pennsylvania.

We discovered pupsonpar way back when it was just Lucy, now an 8 year-old black Labrador retriever. Since then, they have adopted a rescue mix, Emily, who is now 2. What makes their bond extra special? Emily was actually a birthday gift for Lucy! How adorable is that?! According to their human Mom, Sarah, it was love at first site for these two. Despite Emily’s wicked sharp puppy teeth and feisty ways, Lucy still took Emily under her paw 😉 and showed her the ways of being a golf course pup.

Meet Lucy!

Most of us think of Labradors as being very outgoing and friendly. Lucy, is actually a bit reserved. Sarah says that Lucy is “very laid back and quiet, but is very food driven!” Food is everything for Lucy. Eating is her favorite thing to do, followed by lounging in her recliner. Yes, you read that right, Lucy has her very own recliner! When Lucy isn’t eating or relaxing, she can be found playing in her backyard with her giant tennis ball.

Meet Emily!

Emily is as feisty and sassy as they come! While Lucy is the laid back sister, Emily has a ton of energy and a lot of things on her mind and she’ll let you know it through her barking. Like many younger siblings, Emily is a toy hog and loves to claim as many toys for herself as she can. But with Emily’s puppy eyes, how could you resist not handing all your toys over to her?

What’s an average day like for these working pups?

Each morning, Lucy and Emily start their day bright and early with their Mom and Dad and head over to their golf course. Some mornings their duty includes chasing the geese off the greens, or running alongside their Mom as she mows the grass. The girls have even assisted in irrigation maintenance.

After they’ve put in some morning hours, you will often see Lucy heading for the nearest pond for a midday swim, as swimming is her favorite activity no matter what the water temperature is. Meanwhile, Emily will be hard at work looking for puddles on the pathways. If you follow pupsonpar and watch their Instagram stories, you will get to see firsthand Emily’s obsession with the golf cart splashing into puddles.

We’ve often wondered if the girls have accidentally interfered with someone’s round of golf, but according to Sarah they typically do not interfere with anyone’s game. Occasionally, “Lucy will wander over to golfers begging for crackers”. However, much like children, they will interrupt their Mom’s games whenever possible. Sarah has to keep the girls in the golf cart when she’s playing, as they will both try to steal her ball.

Don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play for these Lucy and Emily. They often get down time to play or swim and like us, they get days off too. When they aren’t busy on the golf course, you can spot them sporting some of the most creative costumes you’ve ever seen.

Can’t get enough of these beautiful ladies?
Neither can we! Be sure to give them a follow on their Instagram, twitter and Facebook pages to see more photos of both Lucy and Emily!


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