As Benebone has grown, so has the demand for another ground-breaking chew.  The Benebone team is proud to announce its newest member of the family: the Pawplexer.

Pawplexer? What is it?

The Pawplexer was created to offer an extra challenge to those dogs who love to chew, but may chew through a Benebone quickly. The Pawplexer is like having 2 toys in 1! The chew itself is made much like a Benebone: crafted in the USA with American-sourced nylon and flavored with 100% real bacon. The Pawplexer was designed so it can hold its own as a standalone chew. However, even more fun and creativity comes from what you put in the Pawplexer.

Have you ever suffered from stinky bully stick residue being stuck on your nice, clean carpets? Pawplexer helps to keep your dog’s paws and your home clean. As much as your dog adores bully sticks, many of us do not adore the smell that comes along with them. Any pet parent that has given their dog a bully stick knows that the smell will stay on your dog’s paws for hours. With the design of the Pawplexer, most dogs will never actually ever touch the bully stick with their paws. It’s a win-win for all!

Options, options, options!

The best part about the Pawplexer is its versatility. There are many chew options that you can insert into the Pawplexer. As shown below, we recommend bully sticks that are spiral and circular in shape to give your dog’s mind as much exercise as his/her mouth. Other options include: chicken’s feet, straight bully sticks, braided bully sticks, etc. The possibilities are endless.

What are the Pawplexer sizes?

Currently, the Pawplexer is available in 3 sizes: small and large. In the future, we hope to introduce a mini Pawplexer for the tiny dogs. However, we often see tiny dogs going to town on our regular sized Benebones. Since you can control the size of the chew you insert into the Pawplexer, this new chew will make any sized dog a happy dog.

Where you can get yours…

Can’t wait to get your hands on a Pawplexer for your dog? Be among the first dogs to chew on the Pawplexer by visiting your local pet store. If your local pet store doesn’t carry the Pawplexer, ask for it! If there’s a demand, your pet store will order it for a future visit. We’ll also be giving away Pawplexers on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to also follow our Instagram Stories to see which of our fans are hosting giveaways in the coming months.

We encourage you to be creative and can’t wait to see the various chews you insert into the Pawplexer! Be sure to post your dog with his/her Pawplexer and treat to your social media accounts. Don’t forget to tag #Pawplexer #Benebone on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We will be re-posting some of our favorites.

Featured image via @fen_the_aussie


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      Hi Pam, the Pawplexer is still rolling out onto retailers’ shelves. Our customer service team will be reaching out directly via email. Thank you for checking out our blog post.

  1. What are they made of? Nutritionaly?
    Your products are great. New to your site but happy I found it!!

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