With so many dog Instagram accounts being created these days, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. One account that shines bright among the rest is @ohmydoggies! Home to Skyler, Frances and newcomer, Dexter – their mom  Chandra has nailed the art of dog photography.

When asked how she is able to take such beautiful photos of all of her dogs, Chandra says the key to good dog photography is lots of positive reinforcement, training treats, repetition and patience. When Chandra first started taking photos of her dogs, she would begin by taking them downstairs in the basement where her photo studio is setup and took photos for no more than 5 minutes at a time. Over time, the dogs began to understand and have come to love photo time. In fact, when Chandra asks them “do you want to take pictures?”, the dogs will run ahead of her into the basement, sit patiently near the backdrop and wait for her to catch up. Just as dogs like to do tricks for treats, the @ohmydoggies squad likes to take photos for treats.

The @ohmydoggies journey began with the adoption of a retired Boston Terrier show dog at the age of 4, who would become known as “Skyler”. Skyler is the dog that hooked Chandra onto this beautiful breed. Despite being completely deaf and partially blind due to cataracts, Skyler is still friendly to all, a loyal companion to Chandra and a puppy at heart who likes to follow her from room to room. However, when Skyler wants something, you will know at, as he will “grunt exactly like a pig!”

The next Boston Terrier that Chandra adopted in 2014 at the age of 1 ½ years old is “Frances” aka “Frankie”. Being that the average weight for Boston Terriers can range from 10 – 25 pounds, weighing in at 12 pounds, everyone is surprised at how tiny this sweetheart is when they meet her in person. Frankie is such a lover of people that if you meet her, Chandra says that “you WILL kiss on the first date.”

The way through Frankie’s heart is through oyster crackers. Frankie absolutely goes nuts for those tiny, round soup crackers. And, when Frankie is super excited to see someone or wants a treat, she will break out her adorable gremlin voice. Chandra describes it as Frankie’s way of “trying to talk to you” as it is not a whine or a whimper, but Frankie’s way of communicating.

The most recent dog added to the @ohmydoggies pack is one that most of their followers wouldn’t have guessed and didn’t see coming. Sadly, at the age of 3 in February, 2017, Chandra lost her beloved Boston, Memo. Memo was the star of their Instagram account and her daily muse. Being completely devastated and depressed over Memo’s loss, Chandra began looking around for a puppy to help fill the void in her heart and distract her from the pain she felt.

Of course, you might think that Chandra would bring home a Boston Terrier puppy, but a trip to local pet store forever changed her life. While shopping for treats, Chandra noticed a rescue group in the store holding an adoption event. As many dog parents would, Chandra wandered over to the rescue group and began looking at and loving on many of the dogs up for the adoption. As in a romantic Hollywood drama, Chandra spotted a ridiculously handsome, blue eyed, pitbull puppy from across the room. Chandra recalls the pitbull puppy having a “light shining down on him and him alone.” Once the pitbull puppy’s foster dad saw the love and glare in Chandra’s eyes over his foster dog, he asked if she would like to hold him. Once Chandra held him, she knew that he would be the one. For the next hour, Chandra sat on the floor holding this puppy and refusing to let anyone else connect with him out of fear that she wouldn’t be the one to bring him home.

A week after Chandra’s adoption application was approved, Chandra welcomed this goofy, yet charming, pitbull into the home. And to the @ohmydoggies Instagram world, he would be known as “Dexter”.

Dexter loves attending doggy daycare twice a week to help with socialization. When Dexter isn’t at doggy daycare, you can find him at him at home chewing on a Benebone.

As it goes with introducing a new pack member, the transitions aren’t always easy. It took Frankie a bit of time before warming up to Dexter – due to his large size and unpredictable puppy movements. However, the eldest of the pack, Skyler, asserted his dominance from the beginning. When Dexter was around 2 months old, Skyler nipped Dexter on the forehead leaving a small wound and continued to welcome him into the pack since then. Even though Dexter is now about 4 times Sklyer’s size, Dexter still allows Sklyer to hold the alpha dog role. And again, just as in a Hollywood romance movie, the two dogs are now best friends and sleep together each night, uncaged, in one round dog bed.

This is, without a doubt, one of the hardest years emotionally for the @ohmydoggies family – with the loss of Memo, but also one of the most rewarding – with the welcomed addition of Dexter. Chandra hopes to become a voice for the often banned bully breed and we wish her nothing but success! Be sure to check out this fabulous pack on their Instagram page and show them some love.

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All Photos: @ohmydoggies

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