With the holiday season upon us, we are thrilled to offer our fans a fun, new, limited-run chew toy. We collaborated with our friends at BarkBox to create a unique pretzel. Unlike human pretzels, this pretzel chew will keep your dog busy for hours on end.

Whether you’re a long-time Benebone fan or just trying to find your dog the perfect chew toy, you can rest assured knowing that Benebone will satisfy a dog’s natural desire to chew. Just as with our other chew toys, the Pretzel is also Made in the USA, using only two USA-sourced ingredients: nylon and real food-grade bacon! That’s right bacon lovers, it’s a bacon-infused pretzel! Using Benebone’s highly durable nylon allows every dog from the “small and mighty” to the “large and in charge” chewers to enjoy the Pretzel for hours of satisfying chewing.

If your dog is already a Benebone fan, first, we thank you for your support and encourage you to give the Pretzel chew toy a try. We hope your pup will enjoy the new shape and carefully designed surfaces. We love the quality and details – right down to the sprinkling of “salt” on each Pretzel. It’s is also a great way to introduce your dog to a new chew toy, especially if you need to swap out any older Benebones that should be replaced.

The Bark x Benebone Pretzel can be purchased exclusively at BarkShop and is available in both small and large sizes. The small size is recommended for dogs under 40 lbs. and the large size is recommended for dogs under 60 lbs. As always, select the largest size your dog can handle.

Photo Credit: BarkShop

The pretzel shape allows your dog to easily hold one side while chewing on the other. And, much like the Benebone dental chew, the handles of the Pretzel allow for a fun game to tug-o-war with your dog.

We would love to see your dog with his or her bacon-flavored Benebone Pretzel. Be sure to tag us using #benebone Instagram: @mybenebone, Facebook: /mybenebone, or Twitter: @benebone. We will repost our favorites!


  1. This is both Gumbo and Roux’s favorite chew toy ever…They like it better than anything…It must be the real bacon…Roux will wake up in the middle of the night to chew it…I just order 2 of the wishbone shaped chews in Bacon flavor.

    • Benebone Reply

      Thank you so much for sharing, Lee. We are happy to hear how much Gumbo and Roux enjoys their Benebones! Happy chewing!

  2. Can dogs actually chew through this? Or is it basically permanent?

    • Benebone Reply

      Hi Jessica. Thank you for checking out our pretzel post. While our products are all made with high quality, durable nylon, each dog’s chewing strength varies. We always advise supervising your dog while chewing. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at info@benebone.com.

  3. Hi, Can my puppy who still has her puppy teeth chew on this or is it meant for dogs who have their permanent teeth? Thanks!

    • Benebone Reply

      Hi Devon. Thank you for checking out the Benebone x Bark Pretzel! Currently, our products are intended for adult dogs. Should you have any further questions or product suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@benebone.com. Thank you!

    • Benebone Reply

      Hi Corey, thanks for inquiring about the Benebone pretzel. This pretzel is a limited edition chew and exclusively sold on barkshop.com.

  4. Oh, how I wish you would manufacture more bacon pretzels!! Umlaut likes the wishbone, but the pretzel (what’s left of it) is his ALL TIME favorite chew toy. Hoping for the return of the pretzel.

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