One of America’s most popular and regal dog breeds is the German Shepherd and our next Fan Feature is a prime example of why this breed is so beloved! Met Rex Von Deutsch, a 2 year-old purebred German Shepherd living in South Carolina.

If you are intrigued about Rex Von Deutsch’s name, you’re not alone, so were we and had to get the details behind this fabulous name. Rex Von Deutsch’s mom, Maria, watched a show when she was younger called “Commissary Rex” that featured a German Shepherd who became a police dog. “Von Deutsch” is German for “from Germany”. Translated, “Rex Von Deutsch” means “Rex from Germany”. What a fun and creative meaning behind a name.

Since Maria was a young girl, she knew that she wanted a German Shepherd, but had been searching for the right puppy to bring home into the family. When Marie went to meet Rex Von Deutsch, his litter mates and parents a little over 2 years ago, it was love at first sight! Out of all the puppies, Rex Von Deutsch came right over to Marie and she knew he was the one for her and her family. After that, they made the 3 hour drive back home, which might be where Rex Von Deutsch’s love for car rides started.

Rex Von Deutsch is always the first one in the car, anxious to see where their next adventure will take them. As soon as Rex Von Deutsch sees Marie putting on her “adventure” shoes and grabbing her bag, he knows that they are going somewhere fun and special. Rex Von Deutsch is always extra excited to go to the dog park, go hiking and play some soccer.

As you may have guessed, being a German Shepherd, Rex Von Deutsch certainly has the protective trait in him, as he is very protective over Maria, however, he turns into a super sweetheart when he wants attention. Rex Von Deutsch will lay his head on Maria’s lap and give his best puppy eyes until he gets her full attention. This desire for love and attention is the main reason why Rex Von Deutsch stays with Maria’s mom when she is at the University.

When Rex Von Deutsch sees the mailman or UPS delivery man, he will go into his super protective mode barking and yelling at the “intruder”, however, once he sees that there is a package being brought to the door, his barks quickly turn into tail wags. Because, more than likely the packages are for him!

While a typical day for Rex Von Deutsch may start out like most dog’s days, it certainly doesn’t stay that way. Rex Von Deutsch starts most days with a few naps and some outdoor playtime, but then he does his daily training …. in 3 different languages! Yes, that’s right, 3 different languages. Rex Von Deutsch understands English, Spanish and French! Just when you thought you were having a productive day, Rex Von Deutsch comes strolling by, performing tricks in various languages!

If you haven’t checked out this handsome boy’s Instagram page yet, you should do yourself a favor and do so! Marie created Rex Von Deutsch’s Instagram page to showcase her love for dogs and in particular, how much Rex Von Deutsch is loved. But, what she didn’t realize is how much Instagram would connect her with fellow pet loving parents. Marie has turned her Instagram account into a community place for dog parents to share thoughts, ideas and see what products Rex Von Deutsch is currently loving.

And while Rex Von Deutsch is a only child for now, keep an eye on his Instagram account. You never know when Rex Von Deutsch may get a fur brother. Maria is in total love with the breed and has been on the hunt looking for a German Shepherd to adopt. If you happen to see a German Shepherd in need of a loving home, be sure to tag Marie and keep Rex Von Deutsch in mind.

All Photos: @rex_von_deutsch


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