Just as 2 dogs aren’t the same, neither are 2 dog shelters. You may be used to animal shelters being located in a large building with many cat crates and dog runs, but we found a shelter doing things differently. Social Tees in New York City does not have luxury of having a large building space, but they didn’t let this deter them from saving animals. Each year, Social Tee’s rescues and rehabilitates over 3,000 dogs, cats, birds and even exotic animals. Social Tee’s receives animals from not only New York, but also from locations throughout the United States!

To see this NYC rescue group in action, we recently attended a pop-up Social Tees adoption event.

Building a Network of Foster Parents
How does Social Tees Animal Rescue run without a building to house the pets in need? Through the love and support of foster parents throughout the city. Fostering a dog or cat is much like owning a pet, however, the end goal is to help the animal get adopted. Who can foster? Any adult within the New York City area may put in an application to be a foster parent. Social Tees will review your application and once you’re approved, a date and time will be arranged for you to meet dogs or cats that are in need of a foster home.

How to Adopt?

Interested in adopting a Social Tees animal? All of the Social Tees animals looking for their forever homes are listed on their website. Since all the animals are in foster homes, if you see an animal you’re interested in adopting, it’s best to put in adoption application ASAP, as all applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. Once you’ve put in an application and it is approved, a Social Tees employee will contact you to set up a meeting for you to meet the animal you’re interested in adopting.

Adoption Events!

Another way to meet the adoptable dogs is by attending a Social Tees adoption event. Each weekend, Social Tees hosts adoption events within the city on both Saturday and Sunday. While these routine adoption events are much like events you have probably attended before, Social Tees goes beyond the typical adoption event with an occasional pop-up.

The pop-up adoption event that we attended was held in the Madewell store. If you’re unfamiliar with Madewell, it’s a women’s clothing boutique. Social Tees held their adoption pop-up on the second floor, along with coffee and snacks from Grounds and Hounds Coffee, who graciously donated a portion of their sales from the event to Social Tees.

At this pop-up, we got to meet 3 adoptable dogs, all looking for their forever home.

The first dog was a 9 week old Aussie mix named Champ. Champ was full of energy and could hardly contain himself. His cuteness certainly paid off, as by time the event had ended, there were already 2 families interested and putting in an application to adopt Champ.

Next, a 3 year-old Chihuahua mix named Blossom.
Blossom was either anxious to leave or anxious to shop, as it was hard to get this lady to stay still. Throughout the pop-up, you could find her running in and out of the clothing racks.

Another pup looking for a home: A 7 year-old blonde Chihuahua rescue from Los Angeles. UPDATE: Euro recently found a new forever home in upstate New York.

Lastly, we almost missed this little guy. For much of the event, Lingo had been sleeping and hiding in a Social Tees employee’s sling. Lingo is a 9 week old terrier that is even sweeter in person!

Also attending this pop-up was a Social Tees alumni, Luke.
This handsome retriever mix had recently been adopted and returned to support his fellow dogs in need.

This was such a fabulous way to meet adoptable dogs. Because who doesn’t love shopping and puppies?! If you are looking to adopt a dog, cat, bird or exotic animal near New York City, please give the animals at Social Tees a look.

For more information regarding how you can foster or donate to Social Tee’s, please check out the Social Tee’s website. For a complete list of adoptable pets through Social Tee’s, please check out their Petfinder list of pets.

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