Looking for a fun and social way to help fundraise for dog and cat shelters within your community?
Look no further than the Best Friends Organization’s Strut Your Mutt walk. Each year, the Best Friends Organization organizes a fundraiser walk and social event in cities across the United States. This year, we were lucky enough to be able to attend the Strut Your Mutt walk in New York City!

What Makes the Strut Your Mutt Walk Different?

Good question. A nationwide footprint. With walks in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and cities in between, the Strut Your Mutt fundraiser walk helps animal shelters throughout the United States.

Another notable difference:  Strut Your Mutt helps not just one shelter, but many shelters. When you register as an individual walker or register a team, you can decide which shelter receives the funds you raised. We chose to disperse our funds among the 35 approved network shelters. We are happy to report that the fundraising goal of $425,000.00 for the NYC walk was not only met, but an extra $49,460.18 was raised, bringing the total to $474,460.18!

The Walk ….

The NYC Strut Your Mutt walk was held at the beautiful Pier 26 facing the Hudson River. We lucked out with absolutely gorgeous weather. It was a perfect day for the dogs. After checking in at the Registration Table, you could either participate in the walk or head down the pier of vendors. The walk itself was about a mile walk back and forth to the pier.

We opted to skip the walk, due to the large crowd and proceeded to walk the pier of vendors. In total, there were 28 vendors, plenty to keep you busy during the duration of the event. The vendors ranged in everything from a pet communicator to treat vendors to a pet insurance company.

Along the pier of vendors were stations set up to keep your active dog happy. Activities included: an agility course, field games, pools and even yoga with your dog. If you have an older dog or dog who isn’t into all the activities, there was a “Chill Out” tent with a quiet space for your dogs to relax. And, if you didn’t bring a dog or cat, you could head over to the craft tent to make some fun bandanas for any of the onsite adoptable dogs.

The Adoptable Animals!

What animal shelter fundraiser would be complete without seeing adoptable animals? The pier itself was lined with cages and cages of dogs that were looking for their forever homes from the various local shelters. It was heartwarming to see how many people were interested and putting in adoption applications.

Below are a few of the adoptable dogs we saw. If you are interested in potentially adopting any of these dogs, please contact Best Friends Organization or the shelter listed on each dog’s name sheet.

Don’t worry, cat lovers! Best Friends didn’t forget about you. These adorable kittens below were brought all the way from Texas in search of good homes. Yes, these are Hurricane Harvey kittens, which make them even extra adorable! 😉

In addition to the adoptable animals and animals in attendance, there were plenty of celebrity “Instafamous” dog sightings. New York is home to some of the most popular dog accounts, so you know we had to snap photos of as many as we could find!

We hope that you’ve been inspired to join the Strut Your Mutt next year in a city near you. Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter accounts to see which fundraising events we will be at next.

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