Hello Benebone community! We hope each and every one of you is doing well amidst everything going on in the world today. It’s been great to get updates from our Benebone fans and we love hearing about pups benefitting from extra time with their parents. Today, we’re sharing some things you can do (some with your pup) with the extra time you may have if you’re able to stay safe at home.

Spring clean your pup’s belongings

Whether this be his toy bin, wardrobe, or stack of Benebone chews, now is a great time to do a little purge of items that have served their purpose! Wash and donate any old toys and clothes that your dog doesn’t use to another dog in need. For Benebones, evaluate whether they’ve reached the end of their life cycle, and throw out any that might be past their prime. Don’t forget to grab a new Benebone to replace the old ones if need be!

Deep clean your dog’s daily used items

Crates, beds, bowls, and leashes are a good place to start. We’re often too busy to deep clean a lot of items that are used on a daily basis, so now is the perfect time. Throw favorite toys in the laundry, wash bed covers and blankets, and disinfect lesser-cleaned items like their crate. Your dog will thank you!

Sew and donate masks

Sew masks with your free time! There are a lot of organizations that are in need of masks, including hospitals and emergency rooms. Veterinary departments are also experiencing equipment shortages and in need of masks to provide healthcare services to animals. Here is an example of how you can sew surgical face masks that comes with a free pattern!

Make cat and dog toys

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Once you’ve mastered sewing masks, try sewing some cat or small dog toys to donate to your local shelter to continue paying it forward! It will delight the animals that are going through extra stress because of any changes that might be happening in shelters right now.

Foster a dog in need

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Many local shelters aren’t able to staff their facilities due to restrictions in place. If you’ve ever considered fostering a dog, now you have extra time to help out a dog in need! Reach out to your local shelters to see if they’re in need or open to fosters during this time. You can also consider donating to support if you have the means to.

Keep you and your pet’s supplies stocked

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Pay attention to your supply of dog food and medications and make sure to have a few week’s worth readily available in your home. Just as you need to be prepared with some items in your home in case of emergency, it’s always a good idea to have more than enough pet supplies in your home. Keep in mind pet stores are essential businesses and will remain open, so no need to buy too much food at once! That way everyone can have the opportunity to purchase food for their pets throughout this time.

We hope you and your pups are staying safe and well these days, both physically and mentally. Don’t be afraid to reach out if there’s anything our team can do to support your pups during this time.

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The holidays are about to be in full swing! This is also the most hectic travel season of the year, with airports and freeways filling up with people and their pets getting home to their loved ones.

Whether you’re planning on spending time with family or taking advantage of some time off with a vacation, traveling with your four-legged family member can definitely be a little stressful. Today, we’re sharing some useful tips for hitting the road with your pup.

Confirm logistics with airlines and hotels early on

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Traveling with a pet requires notifying airlines and hotels ahead of time. If you’re flying with your dog, make sure you check the airline’s pet policies regarding maximum pets allowed in the cabin, the size of the carrier you need, and rules you and your dog have to abide by. Hotels will often charge a pet fee so let them know ahead of time if your pup is coming along with.

Invest in a quality pet crate or carrier

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Whether you’re flying or driving, having your pup secured in a crate or carrier is a must. Get them used to their designated safe space by giving them ample time to use the carrier, lay in it, and get their scent in it so that when the big travel days come, they’re already comfortable!

Pack food and water in a portable fashion

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It can be tricky keeping your pup hydrated on the plane or in the car. Grab a portable pet bowl to make things easy for you and your dog. Make sure they’re getting ample opportunity to hydrate — it can be easy to forget when you’re on the go! Make sure to bring extra of your dog’s food with you just in case. You might not be able to find your brand wherever you are visiting.

Stick as closely to your daily schedule as possilble

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Even when you’re traveling, try to keep to your normal schedule as much as you can. Feed your pup and take them for walks as close to their regular times as possible. Dogs are creatures of routine, so this will make traveling easier for them!

Research what’s pet-friendly and what’s not at your destination

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It’s a good idea to have a rough itinerary of your plans going into your trip. If there are certain activities that are dog-friendly, consider planning them out so that your dog can be a part of the festivities. Dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants, and outdoor activities are a good way to keep them involved during your holiday travels!

Be considerate when traveling with your pup!

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Traveling with dogs is a privilege, especially with airlines and hotels that allow them to come with. Keep in mind that not everyone in the world is a dog lover. Respect others by keeping control of your dog, making sure they’re on their best behavior, and ensuring their presence isn’t affecting others negatively.

All in all, traveling with your furry bff to your holiday destination can make your holiday merrier and your New Year shine brighter. We hope these travel tips will help make the world a dog-friendlier place as you head out on your four-legged adventures. We’d love to hear your dog travel tips too! Share your tip in our comments below to help fellow dog parents and tag us @mybenebone with #benebone on your holiday travel adventures so we can follow along. 

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