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Finally! The answer to all our stick loving dog friends problems have been solved. With the introduction of our newest family member, The Maplestick, we are helping to put an end to the great debate of “no sticks in the house”. Made from real maplewood and high quality nylon, The Maplestick will help satisfy your dog’s stick chewing obsession without the mess. And, since The Maplestick is available in three sizes: small, medium or large, dogs of all sizes will finally be able to find their perfect sized stick.

If you follow us on any of our social media pages, you may have seen our posts highlighting our new Maplestick but, now, we want to see yours. There’s nothing we love more than seeing our friends happily chewing or hearing how one of our products have helped keep your furry best friend from chewing on your favorite pair of shoes. So, we’ve gathered some of our favorite photos of dogs with their Maplestick for your viewing pleasure.

Does your dog like to chew their Maplestick inside in the cool air conditioning or outside sunbathing under the summer rays? Show us where your dog chews by tagging us in your post with #bbmaplestick on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

*Featured Image: @jaggerdwagger

You may have seen us comment and mention on social media that we would love to meet all our furry friends and their awesome parents. So, we’ve started taking our social media presence on the road! It’s always exciting to meet our social media friends and introduce ourselves to dog parents that might not yet know about Benebone.

First up was the Baltimore BarkHappy event hosted at Monument City Brewing Company.

If you’re unfamiliar with BarkHappy and their events, they host dog events in various cities throughout the country at local restaurants or bars. While you do need to buy a ticket to attend, a portion of the proceeds will go to a local dog shelter in that area. For the Baltimore events, BarkHappy teams up with the Baltimore County Humane Society.

These meetups are a great way to make new friends, check out local vendors and socialize your dog.

We were lucky to meet and talk with over 40 dogs and their parents. We met dogs as small as yorkies to dogs as large as a Great Dane. We’ve gathered a collection of photos from the event taken by Natalie of Landrum Photography, LLC for your viewing pleasure.

We would love to hear what city you are in and where we should travel to next! Please leave a comment below or tag us on your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook photos with #Benebone showing us where you call home.


While fireworks may deter dogs from enjoying the 4th of July in the evening, that doesn’t stop dogs from strutting their stuff throughout the day. We couldn’t get over your patriotic pooches that attended pet parades, human parades, cookouts and more.

And, we are proud to remind you that every Benebone that you give your dog is proudly made in the USA! Not only are our Benebones made in the USA, but we also source every ingredient within the US as well!


Because we want to keep this 4th of July party going through the weekend, we’ve gathered some of the cutest and most patriotic dog photos for your viewing pleasure. If your dog has decided to extend their holiday weekend, we want to see how they are celebrating. Tag us in your celebration photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #Benebone and we might just share your photo! 🙂

It’s that time of year! Time to dust off those hiking boots and hit the trails.

Photo Credit: @fen_the_aussie

Since we sadly cannot take our furry best friend to workout at the gym with us, we’ve seen an increase in dog owners taking their dogs out for a hike with them. Not every hike has to be miles long, a daily hike can be just as effective and fun. If the thought of exercising with your best friend isn’t intuitive enough, imagine all the beautiful photo opportunities you can take of your dog.

In anticipation of, Fen the Aussie, one of our favorite hiking friend’s big upcoming hiking trip, we rounded up some photos of other hiking dogs to showcase the wonderful time that these dogs and their owners have had on their hikes. And, if you have been inspired to hike with your dog, you can read Fen and his Dad Ryan’s helpful hike preparation tips here.

Photo Credit: @fen_the_aussie

We would love to see your hiking photos with your dog! Tag your hiking photos to any of our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts with #benebone and you may see your hiking photo featured on our feed. Happy hiking! 🙂

Featured image: @naya.dog

Now that the cold winter weather is finally behind us and warmer spring days have sprung, it’s that time of year for “Yappy Hour”! Haven’t heard of Yappy Hour before? It’s the same as Happy Hour for humans, but with even better benefits.

Photo Cred: @barcboston

Yappy Hour can be found in most major cities and usually benefits the local animal shelter or rescue nearby. It’s a win-win situation for all: you get to have a cocktail or two while fundraising for a great cause. Another great benefit of Yappy Hour is that you usually get to bring your best furry drinking buddy along with you. This is a great way to socialize your dog while meeting fellow dog lovers in your area.

Photo Credit: @wrigleyandtheo
Photo Credit: @watersidedistva

We’ve gathered up some of our favorite Yappy Hour photos from Instagram to share with you. And, we want to see your Yappy Hour photos as well. Post your photos and tag #Benebone on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for a chance to be featured in a future photo roundup. Cheers! 🙂

Feature Image: @ps.ny

Now that all the eggs have been found and treats have been eaten, we are taking a look back to some of our favorite Easter photos. We are constantly amazed by the creativity and love behind the photos that dog parents are able to capture.

How did you and your dog spend Easter? Did you attend a Easter egg hunt? Put together Easter baskets for dogs in need? Enjoy a delicious dinner with family and friends? Whatever you did to celebrate, we want to hear and see it. Leave us a comment below or tag your photos to our Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter account.

Featured Image: @twodapperdoods

A few months ago, we launched our most interactive product to date, the Pawplexer. In case you missed it and aren’t exactly sure what the Pawplexer is, you can check out our introduction post here.

Peanut Pawplexer

While you can let your dog have the Pawplexer as is, the Pawplexer allows dog parents the ability to add an extra layer of fun by inserting a chew, bully stick or treat of their choice into the center of the Pawplexer.

We have loved seeing the creative ideas fellow dog parents have had and put together this roundup of photos to help inspire and showcase fun ways you can use the Pawplexer too. We would love to share the ways that your dog enjoys their Pawplexer. Post your Pawplexer pictures and tag our Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook accounts with the #Pawplexer hashtag.

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