Benebone’s New Look
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Benebone’s New Look

At Benebone, we try to do things a little differently and we wanted the look and feel of our brand to reflect that. So, you will see in the coming months that we’re giving Benebone a makeover. Don’t worry—nothing about our line of products is changing.

Why the change? After spending years surrounded by loud design in the pet toy aisle, we thought it was time to use our inside voices.  Clean and simple is how we do things at Benebone, so we revamped our new look to reflect that. We wanted our new branding to mirror what we stand for – high quality products that are both modern and refined.

So, what’s new on the Benebone packaging?  We’re glad you asked…


We’ve switched out our former cartoon mascot for a silhouette because… why play favorites? The way we see it, every dog is Benebone’s mascot.

The relationship between us humans and our dogs is so special and different from person to person (or should we say, dog to dog). We wanted to bring that unique bond to life, which is why the stance of our new silhouetted dog is in a play bow, ready for fun.

But we’ll be honest, we still have an emotional connection to the old logo. We retained green as the house color because we like it, and it’s a hint to our natural flavors. And do you notice the similar “burst of rays” from our previous logo?

Made in USA


We hope that pet parents are as proud to see our Made in the USA logo as we were when we added it to our new look. Here at Benebone, we aim to do things right, and that includes sourcing and making everything in the US for the best quality and simultaneously creating jobs at home for passionate people who really believe in the work they’re doing.

Made in USA


Our flavors are now color-coded and more distinctive. This way, you can quickly find the chew you’re looking for (not that you or your pup ever had trouble finding bacon). We may have a new look, but our nylon chews are still flavored only with 100% real food ingredients, such as real bacon, chicken or peanuts.

People of Benebone


What else is new on our packaging? We made some space to highlight the folks that make Benebone every day.  It’s important you know who we are.  We all take pride in how and where our products are made, and wanted to introduce the unique people who make Benebone possible.

People of Benebone


Finally, our new tagline, “Return the Flavor” sums up everything we’re about. Dogs make us happy, keep us healthy, and bring out the best in us, and Benebone is dedicated to doing the same for our beloved companions.  What better way to do it than with honest and natural flavor?