Refer a Friend
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Refer a Friend

This giveaway has ended.

Winners will be notified by email. Thank you to everyone who participated and for being a Benebone fan!
We can’t wait to meet your fur-iends!

Step 1 – Enter yours and your friends email addresses below.
Step 2 - We will send your friend a Wishbone Club signup form for them to complete.
Step 3 - Once your friend has submitted their form, you can just sit back and hang with your dog. You and your friends will be entered into the draw!

You can only enter one time so pick the biggest Benebone fan you know.

300 Lucky paw winners will randomly be chosen.
Of-fur ends 09/01/22 at midnight EST.

Your friend must submit their Wishbone Club form for you both to enter the gift card draw.
Your friend cannot already be a member of the Wishbone Club.