GET a Free Benebone!
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GET a Free Benebone!

Answer the questions below and receive a free Benebone! If you have trouble, sniff through our Benebone quick reference sheet here.

You will be able to choose a Wishbone of any size (small, medium, large, giant) or a Tiny 2-Pack.

Your information is used solely for us to send your free Benebone and will not be shared.

Venison Chicken Maple Wood Bacon

As long as you would like. If they last a couple days, you got your money’s worth. About 1-2 months. At least a year.

True False

<30 lbs <60 lbs <90 lbs <120 lbs

Dental Chew Maple Stick Starfish Wishbone Zaggler

If help is needed email Bob Lee at