Brand Resources
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Brand Resources

Benebone has high standards regarding the presentation of its products online.

The below images are the only authorized images to be used to present our product line on any website.  These images are to be uploaded in their exact form and resolution.   No images other than the below are authorized.

Download ZIP file > (43 MB)

5/29/19 – New Photos: Puppy Pack: WB/DC, Tiny 2-Pack: WB/DC and Bacon Stick

Low Res 1000x1000 - Download ZIP file > (37 MB)

Medium Res 2000x2000 - Download ZIP file > (120 MB)

High Res 3000x3000 - Download ZIP file > (231 MB)




10/8/19 - New Photos

Wishbone: Giant Bacon

Bacon Stick: Small/Medium/Large


10/1/19 - New Photos

Puppy Pack - Maplestick/Zaggler

Tiny 2-Pack - Maplestick/Zaggler

Puppy Wishbone: Small Bacon

Puppy Maplestick: Small

Bacon Zaggler: Small/Medium/Large

Maplestick: Small/Medium/Large