For all Ecommerce Sellers of Benebone

Benebone has high standards regarding the presentation of its products online. Ecommerce sellers are required to follow the below guidelines, and will lose their status as an authorized reseller of our brand if these guidelines are not strictly adhered.

These guidelines, images and copy/text may change from time. It is the ecommerce retailer’s responsibility to monitor this page for the latest information.


Images are available on our brand resources page for download and are the only authorized images to be used to present our product line on any website. These images are to be uploaded in their exact form and resolution. No other images are authorized.


The Benebone ecommerce copy/text of all flavored nylon chew toys must read EXACTLY as follows in the documents provided below. To save locally: Right-click a link and select “Save Link As” from the dropdown.

Benebone Approved Ecommerce Copy (.zip)


Multi-packs (a package with more than one product) are not authorized.


Benebone has a strict Minimum Advertised Pricing policy for ecommerce.