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Looking for some help? Check out our frequently asked questions below. Send us a note if you don’t find an answer here.


Benebones are not edible. We suggest monitoring and replacement after reasonable wear. As with any chew toy, monitor your dog's habits closely.

Our ingredients are sourced exclusively in the United States.

We're proud to say that our products – from start to finish, every aspect of the process – are made right here in the USA. We have two factories in New York.

In general, if pieces the size of rice or smaller fall off the Benebone, these generally do not cause a problem. But if you see a risk of larger pieces coming off, discard and replace. Check out our When to Replace Your Benebone page for wear photos.

Benebones are durable and made to last. They’re very tough – even for some of the toughest dogs out there. To give you a sense of the texture, if you try pressing into a Benebone with your fingernail, you won’t see or feel any indentation marks – it simply won’t budge. Hard chew toys carry risks – see our safety page for further details at benebone.com/safety.

Benebones are durable chews that are designed to last and retain flavor longer than most chew toys. Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or more, but we recommend replacing monthly, or sooner if wear indicates. Check out our When to Replace Your Benebone page for wear photos.

Benebone flavors are bacon, chicken, peanut butter and maple wood. Avoid introducing any Benebone product into a household with an allergy to any of the following: peanuts, pork, chicken, beef, fish, wood or nylon.

The flavor is infused into the nylon bone, so while you may not be able to smell the flavor yourself, your dog should be able to smell, taste, and enjoy it for quite some time.

The center portion of the Pawplexer is a USA-sourced, BPA-free TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). We add no flavor, color, or anything else to this raw material. Like the outer flavored nylon, this material is not edible and the product should be discarded if this portion is worn or is at risk of being dislodged.


See our sizing chart on the individual Product pages. Recognize that weight is only a rough guide. It cannot replace the judgment of an owner who knows the dog’s size, mouth size, chew strength, and tooth strength. When in doubt, choose the larger size for safety's sake.


We recently released puppy products! Look for the pink and blue Benebone packaging. We use a softening agent to make them just a little bit softer for teething puppies. They are available in three sizes - tiny (under 15 lbs), small (under 30 lbs), and medium (under 60 lbs). Check them out here.

Given the hardness and durability of our adult products, we recommend keeping them away from older dogs who may have compromised tooth structure. See our safety page for further details at benebone.com/safety

Getting your pup’s tail wagging is our #1 priority.  No wags?  Give us a shout on our contact page.  We’re obsessed with happy customers, and will do our best to make it right.   We stand behind our products 100%.


We don’t recommend it, nor do we recommend exposing the product to excessive cold or heat generally. Try washing with a brush and soapy water.

Customers tell us that Benebones do not stain carpet or clothing in general. However, we use natural ingredients to flavor, color and scent the product. So keep it away from light colored carpets and clothing.


If you're looking for more than 100 units at once, give us a shout on our contact page. We will try to locate a distributor for you.

We are growing internationally. Please reach out to us on our contact page, so we can try to find a wholesaler in your country.

It is too expensive to send our high-quality, made in USA products for free to everyone who asks. We encourage you to participate in our giveaway contests which can be found by following us on Instagram and Facebook. Also be sure to view our Instagram Stories to see which of our fans are hosting Benebone giveaways.


Yes, we do.  Minimum Advertised Pricing is important for our brand and for our retailers.  See our MAP policy at benebone.com/map


We live in a digital world. We’re always open to hear what you have in mind. Please shoot us a note on our contact page.